Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #3


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Better Than the Van
What’s better than the van? The couch, of course!  If you’re touring, here’s a stress free way to go about finding a place to stay for the night. BTTV is a network of musicians across the United States (and even a handful of connections in Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia…etc) who are willing to offer your their couch for the night.

Worried about axe murderers and serial killers?  BTTV allows users to leave comments about thier stay at other users’ homes…so you’ll have a good idea of what to expect ahead of time.  Here’s a profile from one of BTTV’s users. They don’t look like they eat people.

For more on blogging check out this blog: Planning a Tour: Making it Worth The Trip.

Pump Audio
Here’s another great music licensing website that seems more promising than You License.  “There’s a lot of great indie music out there, and there’s a lot of TV.”  That’s the basic premise behind why Pump Audio exists. They’re hoping to connect independent artists to mass media.  Who doesn’t want that?

Pump Audio has been around since 2001, and in just 8 years, has developed relationships with networks such as BBC, MTV, NBC, Comedy Central, and VH1.  They also work with ad agencies in offering music for commercials, supply music for films, video games…and the list goes on.  You’ll really benefit from reading their FAQ’s.

  • The Good: Pump Audio allows users to join for free and is non-exclusive. You can still work with other licensing agencies while working with them.  They don’t own your music or anything…but…
  • The Bad: Pump Audio takes 65% of any income from licensing fees. This means you only get 35%. This isn’t such a bad deal considering the fact that you’re only getting paid because of their help.  Also once you submit a  song to PumpAudio, they will hold onto it for 1 year so as to shop it around as much as possible.  You can still submit the song through other licensing agencies as previously mentioned, but you can’t remove your song from their roster until a year is up.
  • The Extra Step: You cannot submit mp3s. Only a CD.  This is probably a good thing. Those willing to go the extra step and submit a CD instead of 1-click uploading are probably the people who are more serious about licensing. And this allows Pump Audio to limit the number of people submitting thus minimizing their workload and focus.

Remember…if you know of other great independent resources, pass them on.

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2 Comments on “Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #3”

  1. chantilly Says:

    i’ve heard of better than the van, but use instead. there are much more people on that site, and imo a better rating system. more chance of finding a couch you’ll enjoy sleeping on 😉

    also note that pump audio practices “re-title publishing.” that is, they take your songs and put different titles on them so that you, the artist, collect little to no back end royalties… it all goes to them. combine that with the fact that they just lowered the artist’s up-front split from 50% to 35%, and it’s just another company reaping profits off musicians dying for exposure. you could argue that 35%, no back end, and the “exposure” is better than nothing, but should we really accept that when there are better companies out there? rumblefish offers the same services and gives you 50% plus the residual royalties.

  2. grassrootsy Says:

    in response to the above post, here are the respective websites:

    Couch Surfing:
    Rumble Fish:

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