Random Tips & Tricks #3

Lauren Zettler

Lauren Zettler

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A Few Promotional Tricks at Live Shows…
Before you perform, put a couple business cards on each table in the venue.  The information might not be important to anyone until you perform.  When they hear you, they’ll pick your card up a 2nd time and consider holding onto it. Remember…people are lazy and you’ll get more accomplished if you bring the information to them instead of expecting them to go to you.  More on this in Random Tips & Tricks #1. Also, carry business cards in your back pocket and give to people when they come up to you after the show.

Don’t have business cards? Try handbills instead. Bring miniflyers of your next gig and put those out and around to remind people of where they can see you next.

Put Your Email Address  in a Visible spot on your Myspace Page
You’d be surprised at how many music myspaces don’t have a bands booking information available.  Realize that not every person visiting myspace has a myspace account…which means they can’t email you through your page if they want to book you, ask you a question or send you fan mail.  If you don’t have an official website and use myspace as your primary page, you especially need to have contact info readily available (maybe even a number). Check out Lauren Zettler’s page for a great example.

Start Twittering
Some people get it, some people dont. Its just like texting but on your computer instead.  Even if you don’t want to actively “tweet”, begin subscribing to other artists tweets. I’ve learned about great resources, good venues in other cities, and upcoming events simply by reading other artists posts.  Yes, I realize last week’s post was about information overload in the age of social networking, but twitter seems to be the new effective thing!  So give it a try. 

p.s. I’m noticing that as each network sites gains popularity, it loses its effectiveness.  This year, Facebook has taken off and become more popular than myspace…but I’m getting so much more spam!  This will most likely happen with twitter in the future, but it hasn’t yet.  Use it while it’s still good 🙂
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