Finding Your Niche


Hiram Ring

Hiram Ring

I’ve been learning lately that having a target audience can sometimes has the ability to open amazing doors and can help your marketing endeavors more than hurt.  Here’s a little more on that.

Finding your niche
Niche can be based on several things:  Are you looking to make fans…

  • …in a certain age range: i.e. young hipsters, kids who listen to college radio…
  • …who like a specific type of music: i.e. most likely to listen to their local r&b, or rock station
  • …who are more likely to dress a certain way or frequent specific social scenes: i.e. the “green “crowd that regurlay hits up art festivals and social activism events. tree huggers 🙂
  • …and plenty other categories

Why is Finding Your Niche Helpful
Finding your Niche can be extremely helpful when you’re working to build a name for yourself.  It sometimes requires you putting yourself in specific circles for your name to begin circulating among the movers and shakers.  Fo example…

If you feel your music belongs to the art scene and will best appeal to people in the arts demographic, stop into your local art galleries and start talking to the owners and curators. Drop off your business card. Ask them if they need entertainment for their next gallery opening.  They will sometimes book you but it many cases you will have to do it for free.  But if you do this often enough, and your music is good, your name will  begin to circulate…and doors will open into art festivals, benefits, and other artsy type events

Finding a Niche is especially helpful for getting into the brain of your fans. If your fans like folk music, start to become aware of venues that especially appeal to folksy crowds. And book yourself with artists that already have a presence in your local folk scene.  Think like a fan!


What if You Don’t Know What Your Niche Is?
Ask Others.  Ask people who listen to your tunes to best describe your music and who they think is most likely to listen to it.  Think about “big-name” artists you sound like.  Determine who their fans are and aim to make similar types of fans.

Harim Ring is a folk/afro-beat artist from Ghana, West Africa.  His tunes are simply great (that’s my plug).  Aside from that, he seems to be a nomad. You can tell from his photos that he’s always on the move – in the desert, sleeping in the back of trucks…etc. He’d definitely appeal to travelers, hikers, and fellow young nomads. He’s playing a “Music in the Woods” festival in South Carolina in a few months. Perfect for hikers and other nature lovers.  This is a perfect example of finding and taking advantage of your niche


Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • 1. ) a niche doesn’t mean you can’t venture into other territory.
  • 2.) Finding your niche has alot to do with just being yourself. The types of people you reach directly relates to the places you yourself would hang out at…and it also probably means you’re reaching people who have similar tastes as you.

 Leave your comments and additional advice below. Thanks!

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