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So what is a “One Sheet”?  It’s a music term. Literally its one page of information about you, your music, your acheivements and anything else that is helpful in “selling” your product.  By selling I mean selling the idea of your music and/or selling physical copies. 

Music PR Writer, Heather McDonald says it best…

“A one sheet is a sales sheet that gives information about a new release that may be helpful for labels and distributors in selling the album. It may contain information about the band and the band’s past achievements, information about the recording of the album, the style of the music, the track listing and any other unique characteristics that make it stand out. One sheets are very similar to album press releases used to generate media attention for a new releases, and in some cases, they can essentially be the same document. Keep in mind, however…” [read full article]

Quick Rundown
As Heather mentioned, One Sheets were originally created by labels to send out to distributors.  At the book publishing company I used to work at, we’d create One Sheets for every book we released. Then we’d send these out to book distributors and bookstores.  The point was the give them a short-and-sweet explanation of each project in the hopes that they would want to purchase the product for their store (i.e. a mom and pop store) or their chains (i.e. all the Barnes & Nobles in the US).

One Sheets for the Independent Musician
As an independent musician, you’re probably not at the point where you’re trying to sell the idea of your music to land a distribution deal.  Instead, a One Sheet for you would serve as a mini press kit with all the need-to-know facts.  For example, if you’re trying to land a review, you might email your One Sheet to a publication along with a brief email inquiring about their review process.  Read the How to Score Reviews of Your CD for more on this. One sheets are also great for sending to radio (for airplay) and venues (for booking).

What to Put on Your One Sheet
Think about the most important things about your music.

  • bio accompanied by your press photo
  • CD facts: title, track listing often acompanied by length of each song, CD Cover image
  • contact info: web address, email, number if available
  • what others are saying: any endorsements you’ve received, one-lines from reviews you’ve had
  • things that make you look really good: great venues you’ve played at (i.e. Heinz Hall), nationally known acts you’ve opened for (i.e. Matisyahu), music licensing opportunities (i.e. your song was used in a Macbook commercial) 

Great Examples
The above is alot of information! How do you fit that all on one sheet?  Check out these excellent examples by…

  • Kate Gaffney links to her One Sheet from her website.  Take a look.
  • Portico has a really clean One Sheet promoting the band not necessarily a CD.  Take a look.
  • Jessica Owen makes sure to mention that her songs were once used on FOX and NBC TV series.  Take a look.
  • Brianna Lane doesn’t have a One Sheet persay. But check out her press page b/c it has an excellent example of everything you’d ever want on a One Sheet if it could fit!  Take a look.


Thanks to Pinkle Music for inquiring about One Sheets. Download all his tunes for free at Believe me, its really worth it.

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One Comment on “Creating a “One Sheet””

  1. JD Says:

    This is one of the pages I’ve had bookmarked a while. Finally finished the first revision of my one sheet. Was a little daunting figuring out where I wanted everything to go, but so far it’s looking good.

    Another useful Grassrootsy post. Thanks for all of your hard work 🙂 I’ll be posting it online once I’ve got the wording right. This is particularly useful for me since I’m still compiling my press kit. The one sheet is a great document to have as I build press.

    Thanks, again.

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