Email Marketing – A Few Things You Should NEVER Do


Read the 1st half of this post: Email Marketing – A Few Things You Should ALWAYS Do.

Do You like SPAM?
If you don’t like SPAM, then don’t assume others will.  This should be common sense, but I’m surprised by how many people don’t realize they’re spammers. If you’re promoting an event don’t send updates every day or every two days.  Stick with once a week at the most.  Continually sending messages will decrease the likelihood of people opening, reading, and/or acknowledging your information. So don’t do it!

Never Expect Email Recipients to Read Your Whole Email
9 times our of 10, you’ll be the only one reading your newsletter from top to bottom. This is why its extremely important to break your newsletter into small paragraphs of information.  Sending a 500 word newsletter without any line breaks is a huge mistake  and will discourage people from opening/reading.  As mentioned in  Email Marketing – A Few Things You Should ALWAYS Do, do something special to make the important facts stand out, but don’t make everything stand out, b/c it only becomes cluttered.

Quality not Quantity
In the same vein as the last paragraph, give good information, not lengthy information.  If you can get your point across in  only a few words, do it.   If it takes a mouthful, at least make sure all your information is necessary.  This doesn’t mean you cant take the time to be personal, but be tactful about it.

Dont disclose the email addresses of your subscribers
If you’re using a Mailing List Provider, then you won’t have to worry about this. But if you’re sending emails from your everyday email account, regularly make use of BCC (blind carbon copy).  When you disclose people’s email addresses to hundreds of random people, you can easily lose subscribers’ trust.  This is how ppl get on FWD lists.  For more on this, check out this article: “Sending Mass Emails Without Disclosing Recipients.”

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Here’s a really excellent article on with plenty of priceless tips on email marketing: Email Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Secrets.


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  1. great stuff here. thanks!

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