Email Marketing – A Few Things You Should ALWAYS Do


Below are a couple things that I’ve found make for a more successful e-blast to your subscribers.  Be sure to subscribe to other people’s newsletters. You can learn alot from seeing what other people do.  And if you’d like more tips on Email marketing after reading the below, check out the Email Marketing – Making Sure People Read What You Write post. 


Remember that many people (especially those using Outlook) have a preview pane.  This means they will see the top portion of your email before they see the rest.  In addition to making the upper-most information in your email the most important, you always want to make it the most interesting…an attention grabber that will make readers want to open and read the full email.

Find Simple ways to Emphasize Important Facts
Are you highlighting everything, increasing font sizes, and using alot of exclamation marks. Just pick the most important fact(s) and do something to make it/them stand out?  Dont!  If you make that one piece of essential information stand out, people will notice and gravitate towards it…even if its at the bottom of the page. I find what works best is bolding something in redsee example.

Using Professional Mailing List Provider (MLP)
Use a professional mail list provider.  There are so many that are available for free or a minimal price.  My top picks would be Your Mailing List Provider or FanBridge, but don’t forget Constant Contact, Zinester, and Listbox.  If you’re more well-versed in web development (or have someone who is), try Phplist.  It allows you to manage your own subscribers instead of going through a mailing list provider. In other words, your newsletters are developed, maintained, and sent with your website having full control over everything. You wouldnt see another companies logo at the bottom of the email, and you’d be able to manipulate html to make your list behave exactly as you want Does that make sense?  No? Ok, head over to to read more.

One thing I like about YMLP is that people can check out your archives. So even if they are not subscribed to your newsletter, they can still gain access to your newsletter to see what’s going on (I’m sure other mailing list providers might allow this). Visit and click “Archives” see what I mean. 

 Using an official MLP will allow subscribers to easily unsubscribe or update their subscription info. People are less likely to do that if you are sending emails with no official system in order.

Check back on Monday for “Email Marketing – A Few Things You should NEVER Do“.


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3 Comments on “Email Marketing – A Few Things You Should ALWAYS Do”

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  2. Stacey Says:

    Hi I found you by googling YMLP. How do I actually see who has subscribed to my mailing list? I can not find that info on their website. Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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