Getting Others to Help You Promote Your Music


Jenny & Tyler

Jenny & Tyler

Getting outside help is hard!  The truth is, if we could simply get 2 people to tell 2 friends, to tell 2 more friends, every artists music could potentially take off. But its not that easy. And even if it did work, only a percentage would become die hard fans.  So here are a few ideas for ya…

Recruiting  a Street Team
They exist!  There are people out there who do love your music enough to help you get the word out about shows.  In most cases, you just need to give it time.  You won’t develope hardcore fans like this overnight.  And its likely that these hardcore fans will come when you’ve made a connection with them at a show or online (i.e. random conversations and seemingly pointless banter).

So how do you find your street team?  I think Fanbridge offers the best solution so far. Fanbridge gives people an option of subscribing to a “fan” list and a “street team” list.  In other words, “street team” subscribers will receive additional correspondence from an artist about what they can do to help get the word out.

Another option is to create a Facebook Street Team Group.  Facebook is becoming the leader in effective communication to large audiences. Once you have your group created, you can easily correspond with all members. Lets say you’ve created a facebook event for a show in Philadelphia: Use facebook to figure out which Street Team members live in Philly. Talk with them and make them “administrators” of the event. This will give them the ability to be more hands-on in getting the word out.

Street Team members are also more likely to organize events in their cities and bring you in to perform.


Using Incentive
Try to give Streem Team members incentive for helping you…stickers, posters, a free CD, put them and one of their friends on the VIP list for a show…etc. It means alot to fans when they know you appreciate their support.

Speaking of Incentive, I recently split a show with Nashville duo Jenny & Tyler and came across NoiseTrade on their website. Noisetrade is  an application that allows music listeners to buy your music or reccommend it to 5 friends.  If they choose to reccommend instead of pay, they get the songs for free but at the same time, an artists music gets passed on to 5 new potential fans.  It’s a cycle that keeps on going and going and free music is great incentive for people to spread the work about your tunes in this framework.  NoiseTrade has an initial startup fee but I’ve heard great thing about the program so definitely check it out for more details.


Using html
If you check out last months post, A Couple Things Every Artist Should Have #2, you’ll find that one of the easiest ways for others to promote you involves offering banner code.  This doesn’t involve any work other than the initial setup.  Site visitors can snag the html code and put your bannner on their own page(s).  Here’s an example for grassrootsy.  And yes! Feel free to copy/paste the below code on your site! 



 Visit to get an idea of how this will look on a music page.


If you have any other ideas, please suggest them in comments.

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