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The Jungle
The Jungle


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Other than NACA and Student-Led Organizatons…
Other than NACA and student-led organizatons, most colleges have an Event Coordination Office.  For example, University of Pennsylvania calls it SPEC: Social Planning & Events Committee.  In their recent planning of UPenn’s Spring Fling, they simply sent out a “Call for Artists” via Sonicbids.  If you’re visiting a University, be sure to contact the school’s events department to see what their booking process is.

Keep in mind that the busiest time for college booking is the Fall (plenty of semester kick-off events for organization) and the Spring (plenty of events to celebrate the end of the year).   Some events aren’t planned months in advance, but many are.  So here are some tips for college booking.

  • 1.] Call Now:  Before the Spring semester winds down, reach out to the University.  Look into various organization and the schools event coordination office to learn more about how they book.  When Fall comes around you’ll be ahead of the game.
  • 2.] Be Aware: Know when the Fall semester begins.  Make sure you know the dates of the first week of classes and plan to do a “Back to School” concert on campus that Friday or Saturday.

The Advantages of Doing College Shows
Here are few things that make college gigs worth persuing

  • 1.] financial compensation: There’s a rumor that colleges can pay a musician better than any other type of gig. I think its true (yes, that’s where your tuition went).  Be sure to ask your contact at the school if there is compensation. You won’t always get paid but  it never hurts to ask. Monday’s blog will deal with how to ask for money so check back.
  •  2.] Getting to open for larger acts: It may take some time (or it might never happen), but every once in a while you’ll get a bone thrown your way. Pittsburgh Funk/Rock group, The Jungle, has had many such opportunities…including opening for Gaving Degraw at University of Pittburgh’s Bigelow Bash.
  • 3.] Great way to spread your name:  Most University events are free for students and well marketed. Students are great with word-of-mouth…largely due to facebook and their lips 🙂


Feel free to add your comments, suggestions, and tips.

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