Stand-out Artists and What We Can Learn from Them #2

Wisdm O.N.E.

Wisdm O.N.E.

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Artist #1:  Wisdm O.N.E
Wisdm O.N.E.  If you keep in mind the fact that your music travels much faster than you do, it will hopefully make you think twice about how much emphasis you put on the production quality of your CD.  It took me a while to understand this concept.  My first ep was a trainwreck.  Besides the fact that I was just re-learning the piano, I didnt mix or master the CD.  The levels were all jacked up and some songs were louder than others.  When I listen to Wisdm O.N.E.‘s music I hear 100% quality (this is my opinion, of course).  But his tunes are rock solid- well produced and will easily blend in with the quality of radio singles.  More people will hear your music on myspace than will ever see your live performance.  The production of your music carries alot of weight.



Laura Burhenn

Artist #2: Laura Burhenn
Laura Burhenn does a really great job of painting a picture of herself for her fans. Image.  If you spend some time on her myspace, listening to her music, and checking out her photos you’ll notice one thing…she comes off as consistently simple with a little accent of glam. All across the board.  She’s also got really great photography which helps immensley in giving people insight into who she is.


David Stein

David Stein

Artist #3: David Stein
David Stein’s got a really neatly mapped out official website.  All merch links on the left sidebar, social networking links on the right sidebar, and important details down the middle.  The website isn’t completely finished but he simply writes “Information Coming Soon”.  Nothing unprofessional about that.  Also, check out his myspaceEllen Cherry’s got a great official website too.  Ok, thats my plug of Baltimore bands.


Know other artists who are doing interesting thing?  Comment below.

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