More Clever Merch Ideas


Yesterday I got overly excited about the idea of selling your music by way of the USB flash drive. Read “Improvising…Because We’re In a Recession, Yo!”  So I thought I’d highlight a few more interesting (but different) merch ideas.  I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list in future blogs.

The Standards  (not so interesting, but familiar)
Most bands tesd to go with T-shirt, stickers, and buttons. I still think these are great options…especially stickers b/c those stay in place for a long time.  Posters are another popular option.  If you think someone would actually want to buy an autographed poster of you, do it!  Production costs are fairly low for this. 

Not the most likely merch idea…but everybody needs something to write on…even with the fact that computers are taking over. Check out to see what it would look like if you had your band logo or website on personal-sized notebooks.

Tote Bags
This is probably something that the chicks will like more than the guys. Why not put your logo, website,  a quote, or something funny on the side of a tote bag.  There are so many tote bags out there, so whatever you write on the side, make it clever.  Tote bags are relatively cheap when purchased in bulk. has some really great tote designs (and even makeup bags too).

Key Rings
People carry their keys everywhere and so the chances of this being a good seller are high!  www. also has some really great keychains.  Be sure to look around on other sites for the best

Also, read a little more about branding your band through merchandise via these articles
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