Improvising…Because We’re In a Recession, Yo! (Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners #2)




A friend of mine is super cheap!  She likes to make butterred popcorn by coating raw kernals with butter, putting them in a brown lunchbag, sealing the bag, and sticking it in the microwave.  I think its funny but give it a try and tell me if it works 🙂

So…in light of coming up with alternative methods, here are some brainstormed ways to save money and save time- the biggest commodities in life. 

Pick a Good Spot
Show location can have alot to do with how much time you put into promoting a show.  If your booking a show at a hole-in-the-wall venue that no one’s ever heard of, you’re gonna have a much harder time getting fans to show up. Pick central spots- places that have plenty of foot traffic. When you pick a “bad” venue you have two jobs –  1.) convincing people the show will be good, and 2.) convincing people the venue will be good. If people already know the venue,  that’s half the battle.

USB Drive…yeah its a pretty clever idea
Why not put your music on a USB drive instead of a CD?  I recently found out about this from a local Pittsburgh band, Vindell.  Here’s how it works:  have your band’s logo or website printed on the outside of a USB Flash Drive.  Order them in bulk (lets say 100).  Once you get them, put your bands mp3s on the drive and sell them at your shows.

These days, CD sales are phasing out and digital music is the way to go.  People can have your music on a flash drive, transfer it to their computer (or ipod or whatever), and still have tons of space left on the flash for every-day use (saving term papers, if their students).

You can also put videos, press kits, wallpapers, extra songs that aren’t on the CD  and any other multi-media stuff about your band on the flash drive.  The creative possibilities are endless! 

Check out some really incredible Flash Drive ideas at  But I know if you look harder, you can find cheaper prices online.

  • note: the production cost of a flash is actually more expensive than a CD but if people plan to buy your digital tracks off iTunes anyways, why not sell a flash drive and keep iTunes from taking that percentage. And you’ll also be able to offer various types of data that iTunes cannot. Not to mention, you’ll have you website printed on the outside of the USB forever.   (You should still have your music on iTunes though)


I strongly believe making solid relationships is the best way to save time and money.  When you have people talking about you (world-of-mouth) and telling their friends about your shows, you don’t need to spend nearly as much time, energy, or money promoting your events.  Building relationships isn’t an overnight thing though.

Also, check out Monday’s blog, A Couple Things Every Artist Should Have #2, for an idea on how you can have your fans help promote your music.


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3 Comments on “Improvising…Because We’re In a Recession, Yo! (Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners #2)”

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  2. KSE Says:

    Concerning the recession:

    I refuse to participate in it….how about You.

    Now is the time to increase all the activities you do, rather than moan and groan about how bad things are or are not.

  3. Max Says:

    Use with caution. I have used them and though they are cheap they are very unprofessional. I needed a rush order of 50 drives for an important meeting and they never came on the day they were supposed to. So we didn’t have them on that day. I didn’t receive any shipping information and their attitude, was oh well, what can we do. I was like, really we’ve ordered 3 times from you guys and you don’t want to do anything to hold on to us as a customer…hmmm…

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