Random Tips & Tricks #2 (an html tip)


Here’s a  random html tip that I’ve found especially useful in the past  year.  It’s a short post but I think/hope you will find it useful.

Use target= “_blank”  as often as possible
target= “_blank” is a piece of html code that opens a blank screen (a.k.a new window) when people click on any particular link.  Using this piece of html code is especially helpful in keeping people on your site for a longer amount of time.  Here’s a demonstration…

Lets say you have a link on your website to a review you got in an online magazine.  The code would look something like this:

 Hey guys, check out my latest review on<a href= “http://beatcrave.com/2009-02-04/cd-review-joy-ike-good-morning/”  target= “_blank”>BeatCrave</a>!

Looks like this… 
Hey guys, check out my latest review on BeatCrave!

(click the BeatCrave link. notice that a new window will open)

Hey guys, check out my latest review on <a href= “http://beatcrave.com/2009-02-04/cd-review-joy-ike-good-morning/>BeatCrave</a>!

Looks like this…
Hey guys, check out my latest review on BeatCrave!

(clink on BeatCrave link above.  Notice that the link opens on this page instead of in a new window…thus directing people away from this website)

The goal is to get people to stay on your website as long as possible…to keep the intrest strong. So if you have a line of html  (similar to what’s above), make sure to use target= “_blank”. 

By the way, if you didn’t know how to write html for links, now you do. Simply copy/paste what I’ve written above, remove my URL and put in your own, and change BeatCrave to something else.  Tomas Vera  has some really great easy-to-follow instructions for people who are new to html. Go!


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