Creating Value: Is your Music Worth Something?


Ok, so the point is…if you’ve got something to consume, you need consumers.  Consumers can be music purchasers, show attendees…basically anyone who is willing to be spoonfed your tunes. Stuff it in their faces! (jk)

The number one question is How do I get people to buy me?  Here are some suggestions

Giving Value to Yourself
This is not a “you’re beautiful just the way you are” posts, but if you don’t think very highly of your music, you can’t expect others to do so.  If you honestly don’t think your music is great, take a couple months to focus on making it great. Don’t play out until you’re a confident musician.  When you’re talking to potential bookers on the phone, sound like you know what you’re talking about.  When you’re sending emails make sure you don’t have spelling mistakes and use grammar.  Ask yourself  “If I were someone else, would I take me seriously?”


Giving Value to Your Performance:  First, Best or Different?
When someone comes to your live performance, do you offer something that other artists do not?  Is it easy to find a replacement for you or are you one-of-a-kind?  I was listening to an old Music Business Radio podcast and Keith Mohr, Founder and President of Indie Heaven says…

You have be First, Best or Different.  First is already taken. You’re probably not gonna be best, so you better be different. And people will gravitate to different.


Giving Value to Your CD
Much of this post references my very first post on this blog: “Perception is Reality“. The best way to give value to your CD is to have professional packaging.  Of course there are duplication companies like Dicsmakers and Oasis but if you can’t afford to spend $1,000 on 1000 units (especially if there isn’t a huge demand for your merch) maybe you should consider doing something low key. 

Adding value doesnt always equate to spending alot of money. Head to Walmart and buy a pack of jewel cases.  Once you have CD artwork, head to Kinkos and have the artwork printed on glossy paper (that you can slide into the jewel case.  Make sure the artwork is well done and cut properly according to the dimensions of the jewel case.  Or find a local company who will do a short print run for you..maybe just a quanitity of 100 units.


Giving Value to Your Profession
Have a real website.  Anyone can have a myspace these days but if you actually invest time and money into a real website  you look more serious.  You can also put tons of more information on a website than you can on myspace.  Looking professional also gets you out of the dive bar and coffeeshop scene. 


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2 Comments on “Creating Value: Is your Music Worth Something?”

  1. keithmohr Says:

    thanks for the mention! Excellent blog and article!
    Keith Mohr

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