“Just Do It”

Download Free on iTunes. It's worth listening to

Download Free on iTunes. It's worth listening to


Perhaps the theme for this week’s posts should have been “Just do it” or “Pep Talks w/ JoyI dunno. But I’ve recently had several conversations with artist who are frustrated by the amount of work they’ve put into a project and the fact that no one knows the project exists.   I’ve read An Interview with The Lost Sea  a few times since Monday and I’ve read several more comment posts on Derek Sivers “Nobody’s going to help you blog” since yesterday and here’s my final pep talk. 

Stop Waiting
Stop waiting for a big break because even if you do get one, you’ll have to put in twice as much work to keep the momentum going.  Its the little opportunities that create big ones and if you can do well with the little, the bigger things will come in time. Just be consistent.

Seriously take Sean Atkins advice
If you haven’t read An Interview with The Lost Sea, make sure to check it out.  Sean says…

“sometimes you just have to be persistent and if you think you’re doing everything you can, and you’re not getting anything.. then you’re not doing enough, being passionate means being willing to suffer a great deal and risk everything you have.  if you’re really serious about ‘making it’ then you will suffer for it”

I’d been working full-time for three years before I decided to quit my job and do music full time.  I took a 50% pay cut, I am spending more money investing in my art, and I am working so much harder than I ever have.  Some people reading this think I’m insane (I think I’m insane too…depending on the month).  However, I’ve made more progress in the last 8 months (of being a  full-time musicians) that I have in the last 3 years.  When you are willing to devote time and money to something you believe in, you will see results. And if you dont…well at least you tried.

Remember that Music is a Business
Music is a commodity that you are trying to sell. If it weren’t marketable,  we wouldnt have music in commercials, in movies, at clubs, in the elevator, grocery stores, weddings…etc. When I think about this, I realize the world literally needs music to stay lively.  If you have what someone needs, you need to market it.  You have to somehow convince your potential buyer that you are better than your competitors.  You have to convince yourself that your product is worth selling.  100% of that has to do with having a product you are proud of- whether this is a peroformance or a tangible CD.  Just do it.

I (again) strongly recommend listening to Music Business Radio’s weekly pocast. Its created for artists like you and I who are trying to”make it”.  They interview other artists, industry execs, agents….etc


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