An Interview with The Lost Sea

The Lost Sea

The Lost Sea


The Lost Sea is an indie folk/rock band based out of Pittsburgh PA.  They currently receive over 600 song plays daily on their myspace and last week they were ranked #1 on ReverbNation’s folk charts. Go TLS!  So i thought I’d email frontman Sean Atkins to get some ideas on how they spend time promoting themselves.   Here are some tips that should help you to better promote your band/music.

1.) What do you think is the single most important thing an artist should do to promote themselves better?
work harder than anyone else around you ever could.. and if you think you’re working too hard.. work harder. investigate every avenue – internet, touring, ads, etc. –  sometimes you just have to be persistent and if you think you’re doing everything you can, and you’re not getting anything.. then you’re not doing enough, being passionate means being willing to suffer a great deal and risk everything you have.  if you’re really serious about ‘making it’ then you will suffer for it. spend all of your money on it, practice all day, get online and add people on myspace all night, if it’s not consuming you, you’re not even scratching the surface as an independent artist… especially when there are a million other people out there working toward the same goals. 

2.) Was there one specific moment where things really started to pick up for your music? If so, what was that moment?
i guess it was around the time that i began to be more and more committed to being a musician, and seeing every other aspect of my life deteriorating. that’s when i knew i was spending way more time writing songs than hanging out with friends, or maintaining relationships, or going out on weekends… but the more time i put into it, i found, the better i became.  it really makes sense when you hear stories about those historic musicians that would just sit in a room and play music all day long…and we foolishly wonder what makes them so great.

3.) How important is it for you to use the internet to promote yourselves?
well, i think it’s a double edged sword. obviously you have to try to reach people with the internet.. unfortunately, online communities are so over saturated with bands bothering people to check them out all day, that most online community members tend to just ignore bands/music related things. this technological age has made it possible for even novice musicians to promote themselves, and play themselves up on myspace… which in turn makes people not care about bands on myspace, the quality varies too greatly.. and it’s too hard to weed out the good bands from the garbage when it’s mostly garbage, in mine and most people’s opinion. the number one compliment my band gets is “i almost didn’t listen to you b/c i thought you were like every other band on myspace, and i’m glad i took the chance”  –  so i think that reflects what’s really going on a lot more accurately than someone might think.

4.) What is your biggest frustration with being an independent artist?
i guess money things. that’s really all labels have to offer anymore. they’re like taking a loan out for marketing, touring, etc. that and occasionally creating a namesake that a larger indie might, like for sub-pop- when someone says “oh i like a lot of bands on sub pop, i’ll check their new signing out” which obviously has worked out for bands like fleet foxes and blitzen trapper this year.

5.)How did you get ranked first on Reverb Nation’s Folk Charts? (or what’s your best guess)
well, i created a profile a long time ago and just never really used the site until last week. i logged on randomly and saw that there were rankings now… we were already like, number 6 or something and i just wanted to be number one.. so,i took songs that people like by us off of myspace and forced them to use reverbnation to hear them. in 3 days we went from 6 to 1.

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One Comment on “An Interview with The Lost Sea”

  1. DC Cardwell Says:

    Nice concise yet pithy little interview, so thanks for that. The band is good too!

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