More on Sending Press Releases – Good Tips from Great Sources

Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu


This is the last entry of three entries on writing and sending Press Release. Check out the other two:

Other Great PR Sending Tips
I found some excellent resources online with additional tips for writing/sending PRs.  Its worth reading


Free sites to Posts your Press Release
Here are just a few that look good aesthetically.  Most of these require that you start an account (also free).  Your PR will be posted but not heavily targeted to any particular audience.  But these sites also have paid services. If you pay, you can have you PR distributed specifically to people who are more likely to be interested in your music.


Other random things

  • Have a logo at the top right corner of your press release. This adds to giving your PR a professional look.  This would probably be best on hard copies…and hard to translate on online copies.
  • A PR gives the facts.  Don’t write a CD Review of your band and call it a PR.  No opinions, just facts.
  • Make sure that your 1st paragraph makes the rest of the PR worth reading (think i mentioned this in another post)


Lastly, this band is kinda cool: Asobi Seksu.  I found their press release online today.  Their PR is titled “Asobi Seksu Record Release Party May 3” but the PR doesnt say anything else about the realease…not even a start time.  Its also more of a CD review than a release.  Don’t mean to bash anyone but I just thought I’d give an example…  

Remember to check out the two other posts in this series…

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One Comment on “More on Sending Press Releases – Good Tips from Great Sources”

  1. Thank you for all the excellent information in this blog. Most artist have no idea how to, own their own, maximize their publicity.

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