Where, When & How to Send Your Press Release

About.com has an excellent article called “When Should I Send Out my Press Release.” It gives very helpful ideas…some of which I’ll repeat in this post.

Before You Write the PR
Even before you have your PR written (see “Writing a Press Release – PR 101” post), put together a list of contacts you want to target. Don’t be afraid to cold call or email. And ask them how far in advance before an event they like to receive information.  Some people will say a few weeks. Some will say a few months. Brainstorming a list of contacts before you write the press release will also help you to decide what information should be included in the PR. Tomorrow’s post will touch on who to send a press release to.

Where to send the PR
Aside from including a release in your press kit, make sure to post it online. There are tons of free PR services. My favorite is PRCompass.   Here’s a link to a press release I posted several months back. Its good to have your PR available online to reach out to a larger audience. You never know who’s reading and PRCompass will keep track of how many people have read your release.  Make sure to have a link to the pr from your website. Or just put the PR right on your site(s) including Sonicbids

When & How to send out the PR
Based on the answer you get from the media you call/email, this will let you know when is most appropriate to send a release. If at all possible, do not mass-mail your PR to a whole bunch of people.  And don’t send it out blindly.  Make sure you know the name of the person whose inbox you want the release to reach.  Send the release via email.  Don’t send an attachment.  Simply include the PR in the body of the email or provide a link where the recipient can go get more info. Or you can do both. Something like this:


Dear So&So,
My name is Jane Smith and I’m writing to make you aware of a CD Release I will be having inMarch. When we talked on the phone a few days ago, you mentioned you like to receive PRs at least two months in advance.  Please consider the below Press Release and let me know if I can send additional information.

Thank you for your time.



Local Artist to Release Debut CD at Hard Rock Cafe”

Cincinnati, OH – February 9, 2009 –  Hard Rock Cafe might not be prepared for the CD release of Cincinnati artist Jane Smith on April 1st (7pm). The multi-talented guitarist, pianist, and trombone player is a one-woman wonder who has taken Ohio by storm and will likely do the same on the 1st.

In just 5 years, the folk-experimental artist has impressed her way into the hearts of the independent music scene. Smith’s music has been called an experimental, progressive, and edgy combination of retro folk with the occasional acoustic sentiment. In a recent write-up,  the New York Times is quoted as saying, [see full PR at www.janesmith.com]


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