Creating Content – Giving People Something to Talk About #1

Creating content can be hard to do when you’re just starting out.  How do you get people to visit your website or myspace if you have nothing to put on it?  How do you get your CD reveiwed if you don’t have any way to prove its worth listening to?  Here are some ideas…

Don’t have a review? Why not get a whole bunch of mini reviews…i.e. endorsements.  An endorsement is basically a short line or paragraph that gives credibility to a person, cause, or thing.  If you’re a local artist, why not ask some well-known personalities in your city to write a one-liner or short paragraph about your music.  If you know the Mayor, a Sports Figure, the CEO of a major corporation, or a relatively famous musician, ask them if they will take a few minutes to write  something brief and positive about your music.  Here’s an example:

  • “Blake is a budding performer who aspires to be more than simply another graduate with a Masters in Music. In years to come, I can really see him as a seasoned professional in the world of singer/songwriters. He not only sings, but he can play the violin, harmonica, piano and the guitar. (Just to name a few). Taking his songs to new heights, Blake ties in every instrument brilliantly with his Irish like crooning. (I swear listening to some of his songs whisks me away into a bar in the heart Ireland where folk music reigns). His debut album, Over and Over, personifies what Cameron Blake is all about. The songs tell stories and each one symbolizes something important the artist wants to share with listeners. (I personally love Where the Blossoms Fall. I think the song is a beautiful addition to my list of great folk music).”   –Megan Johnson (

If you can’t get a magazine to review your CD, consider asking a writer to send you a comment about your music or use what someone has said in passing.  Here’s the play-by-play of an ideal situation:

  • Suppose you send an email to  Joe Smith (fictional name) of the popular Mojo Republik e-zine asking him to review your CD
  • Joe responds to your email and says, “Thanks for submitting to our magazine but we aren’t currently accepting independent music.  But I  gotta hand it to you, I’ve never heard anything as eclectic as this!”
  • Snatch that quote in bold and put it up on your website and myspace.  Joe said it so it counts. Put it on your myspace and make sure people know that you have a nice endorsement from someone who writes for a credibible magazine. That carries some weight. It would look something like this:

“I’ve never heard anything as eclectic as this!”
– Joe Smith (Mojo Republik)

Try to get as many solid endorsement as possible. Put them in a visible place.

As I’ve mentioned in so many other blogs. Its so important to always have something fresh on your website that will keep people coming back for more.  Read the “Drawing Traffic to your Website(s)” post for a more thorough explanation.

It takes time to create hype around your name but if you keep creating content, you’ll soon get to a point where its less work to promote yourself because other people are doing the work for you. See “web presence” post for a better explanation of this.

More ideas to come tomorrow!
By the way, Cameron Blake’s music is innovate and excellent. Check him out.

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