Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners #1



Let me preface this post by saying…If you have any better or additional suggestions, please comment below.  Who doesn’t need ideas on saving $$$?

Finding cheap recording rates is a very difficult thing. Studios can charge anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour (or even more).  When you’re looking to record a project, make sure to ask other musicians who they used and if that person/studio was any good. Many studios offer tours and/or trial period…where you can record a free song and decide if you’d like to stick with them for the full project.  Definitely take advantage of this. Don’t jump into any type of “contract” just because you wanna have a CD in the next 3 months. 

Take advantage of craigslist and a starving college kid 🙂  It’s not too hard to find a music production student in need of a senior project.  What better way to get a cost-effective quality recording for a great price.  Keep in mind that the University’s equiptment is probably top notch.  But of course this is not the best option for everyone…especially if you’re looking for someone with years experience.

Posters and Flyers
Did you know that if you’re a member of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) you get discounts on copies at Kinkos?  I love this perk!  Why would you want to be a part of BMI? Well here’s a thorough, simply explanation.

Club Flyers is used widely by musicians.  Club Flyers prints free 4×6 postcards for your event.  1000 postcards for free (as long as they can include their website on the card).  All you do is pay for shipping.  You create custom artowork, send them the file, and they do the rest.  There are tons of other similar websites and services.

Again check out  There are local printing companies in your area that probably have fees at a fraction of a larger company’s cost.  And suppose you’re not good at designing flyers.  Find someone on craigslist who can do the work for you at a really great price. College students are soooo great for this.
Gigs & Gas
Carpool. duh!  And if a gig is not paying  you, don’t be afraid to ask them to at least compensate you for gas. It never hurts to ask.
Keeping Records
If you plan to include you music income in your taxes, make sure to keep track of the $ you spend on music-related things because its all deductible.  I wrote about this in my “The Things You’ll Hate To Do…But Should Do Anyways” post.  MusicBizAcademy also has really great tips on how to do this. While you might not be saving money initially, you will be in the long term.

Craigslist is Your Best Friend!
Craigslist really is a musicians best friend.  I’ve found musicians to accompany me at my shows in a last minute bind. I’ve found a PA system for a fraction of the cost. I’ve found photographers who want to do free photo shoots just to build up their portfolio.

The Best thing is to spend some time online reading up on all the resources that are literally at your fingertips.
Hope the above helped. If you have suggestions, please leave them as a comment. Thanks!

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