Be Good to Them and They Will be Good to You


Amber Rubarth

Amber Rubarth


Obviously, its common sense to treat people with respect.  Common sense aside, consider going the extra mile in your communication with the people who ultimately hold your career in their hands.

Ask Questions:
The #1 way you can show you care about a gig is by regularly communicating with the booker.  Don’t be one of those artists who only makes noise when you’re on stage and when trying to get your money.  Let’s assume you’ve been asked to play at an event.  Getting asked to do a show is great b/c chances are whoever’s asked you will be doing all the promotions.  This will likely be a stress-free event for you except for the showing up part. 

But that doesn’t mean you should do nothing.  Suppose the event you were asked to do is a college gig.  Here are some questions to ask (other than the obvious date/time stuff)…

  • ***Is this just for college students?  Can I let my non-student fans know?
  • ***Is there a website I can point people to for more information
  • ***Is there any way I can help promote this show
  • ***Here is a publicity photo and brief bio if you can incorporate it into  your promotions  (don’t even ask…just give this information. Universities have such a wide reach.  The more students see your face before a show, the more likely they are to come. Take advantage of the fact that a University could almost immediately boost your popularity on the world wide web…aka increased web traffic )

 You increase your chances of getting asked back to a venue/school/special event when you take the time to show you care about making each opportunitya success.


Sound Guys
Don’t ever be mean to the sound guy 🙂  They hold your whole set in their hands.  That’s all.
Other Artists:
I’ve written other posts on this.  See the Helping Yourself #3 post for more. In short, genuinely put yourself out there as someone who isn’t just in it for yourself.  Also just spend time with other artist and know that when you play off each others’ constructive criticism, it will help you get a head.  Derek Sivers recently posted a blog about how to become a full-time touring artists.  He feautes Amy Rubarth, an artist from Reno who talks (in part) about how being immersed in her local music scene and hanging around other artists has helped her become a national touring artist.

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