Creating a Music Community #1

Brad Yoder

Brad Yoder


In 2009, my goal is to create a stronger music community.  I want to know my fans, know what type of event they are sure to come to, and do events that will make them feel like they are part of the creative process.  So that’s my charge to you as well.

Cultivating a community through music is probably one of the harder but more rewarding things about being a musician.  It involves tiny details like remembering the names of  your “fans”, responding to emails, and  occasionally commenting on “fans” myspace/facebook pages. And it involves larger undertakings such as traveling to a city simply because a few people desperately want you to come! 

But as hard as it may be to individually correspond with multiple people about arguably insignificant things like “whether the show starts at 7pm or 7:05pm”, do it!  Here are a couple ideas.

House Shows
House Shows get the job done most effectively.  There’s no place like a tightly-packed cozy, living room to bring people together.  Consider inviting your favorite fans to a house show.  Have everyone bring a main dish and call it a potluck.  Folk artist Brad Yoder became very popular in Pittsburgh for hosting a similar, regular Sunday Brunch at his apartment.  (not sure if he’s still doing it).  Jump on it before winter ends!

What’s summer version of house show?  Cookouts and Barbeques.  Yup!

Video shorts
Videos are another thing that really leave a personal touch.  

Make sure there’s Food!
It never fails!  Food always draws people.  Especially when its free!  So lets say you’re performing at a spot that customarily does not serve food.  Ok then…ask them if you can bring a few things in (i.e. chip/salsa, cookies…etc).  Even better, ask if you can have your fans bring in food and do a potluck.  Advertise food in your email newsletter and I assure you that more people will consider coming.  Have a donation jar next to the food and take donations to cover your expenses.  It always works!  Believe me!

Do Shows regularly with the same musicians (same style)
You’ll find that the same fans (and of course some new ones) will come to this specific show every time.  Why?  Lets say you’re a folk artist and you’re playing with the same two  folk artist once every 3 months. Their fans, your fans, and new fans will come for two reasons.

  • When the artists know each other, there is an atmosphere of camraderie.  Things flow together more smoothly
  • Attendees know eactly what to expect from this show.  No unpleasant surprises, just familiar folk music by familiar musicians in a familiar audience.


Feel free to leave your ideas on how to build community.

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  1. Greg Says:

    nice blog, happy 09

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