Google-ing Your Name Does Not Mean You’re a Loser

Andrew Dubber of New Music Strategies

Andrew Dubber of New Music Strategies


A few weeks back, Andrew Dubber of New Music Strategies wrote an excellent blog on web-presence called “What Do You Mean by Web Presence?“.  You should really check it out.  Have you ever gone to a show and watched an artist who had magnificent stage presence. They were confident (not overly), comfortable, and really knew how to engage their audience.

Web presence is essentially the same as stage presence except others should be doing the work for you.  In other words, web presence has nothing to do with how well you represent yourself (via myspace or your official site).  Instead, web presence  has everything to do with how well others represent you…how much information about you people are putting on their websites. 

Is there a buzz going on about you in cyberspace?

Dubber’s official definition is:

Web Presence:
the range of services, platforms and conversation going on
around the internet about you and what you do.
What’s online, and how it connects together. Your web.”

One way to help you determine if all your hard work (consistent promotion and playing out) is paying off is by Google-ing your name.  Find out who is writing about you.  Find out who has mentioned you and then if you want, follow up to see if they’d like to do a full review on your CD or a LIVE show (if local). Check out the “How to Score Reviews of Your CD” for more ideas.

 Here are some things to think about:

  • Are you popping up regularly on other people’s myspaces, review sites, blogs?
  • Is there enough talk about you going on- enough that if you decided to stop playing for a month, you’d still get regular hits on your website(s)?
  • Who is referring you?  WORD OF MOUTH is still the strongest marketing force out there.  So hopefully people will link to your site from their site. 
  • If people are not linking to your page then you have a very very limited network and your chances of reaching a large audience are slim. 



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