The Things You’ll Hate To Do…But Should Do Anyways #1

Dana Alexandra

Dana Alexandra

No matter what job you’re doing…even if it’s your dream job, you’ll always have a few things you hate to do.  Here are a few of those:   (note:  no post this Wednesday or Thursday due to the Holiday)


Most artists don’t think blogs/journals are important.  Simply put, they are.  If I like an artist, the first thing I do after listening to their music is check out their blogs…to see who they really are, what they care about, and what new things are happening with their music.  If you have solid fans (or want to build solid fans), you should be writing to them.  Almost like a newsletter but much less informal.  Posts don’t need to be extra long or fake…just fairly consistent, amusing, contemplative and/or informative. Dana Alexandra is a good example.  Check out her blog posts.

The occasional phone call
There’s nothing I hate more than making phone calls.  Even worse is knowing that the person on the other end does not want to talk.  But call!  Don’t harass.  Here are a couple reasons to call…

  • ***Do you know who you should be sending your press kit to?  Call the magazine ahead of time to make sure you’re addressing the envelope to someone that’s still there!  Read more about this in the How to Score Reviews of Your CD post.
  • ***Call to follow-up.   Did get your CD in the mail  2 weeks ago?  Are they putting it in rotation?  Call.  And even if you get a msg, just leave a voicemail mentioning you’ll also be following up via email.   (p.s. alot of radio stations have designated call-in hours for artists)
  • ***Call (or even stop into) a venue to learn about their booking process.  There’s nothing like a personal touch.

…and be polite, very brief, and straight to the point without sounding self-absorbed. (more on this in a future blog).


Spending Money
There are tons of things you can do for free but sometimes you need to spend money to make money. A few examples:

  • ***It’s hard to fork out money for signage, but If you have a major event, like a  CD release, choose color flyers over black and white.  You’ll catch more eyes and probably get more people out to your event.  The same goes for color posters.
  • ***Pay for a  “.com“.  Even though the “.us” or “.info” might be free, go with a domain that will get more traffic and is more intuitive.
  • ***And if you frequent this blog regulary…you’ll know that its important to invest in Business Cards.  More on this at Drawing Traffic to your Website(s) post.


Records & Receipts
Keep track of everything! You’d be surprised with how many of your purchases you can claim while doing your taxes…everything including…

  • the portion of your house that you use as an office, studio, and/or workspace.
  • music gear purchases
  • the money that you spent on those posters and flyers
  • clothing and haircuts  (i.e. keeping yourself presentable for performances)
  • music purchases and attended events  (be honest, if this is for your musical education/enrichment)
  • the list goes on and on…

MusicBizAcademy has an excellent write-up on  this.  (And don’t forget to keep track of what you’re paying your musicians)


Post your suggestions if you have any.  Thanks for reading.

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