Tips & Tricks for the Holiday and Any Day



Here is the second installation of Tips and Tricks. I’m thinking there will be many more to come in the future.  For other Holiday ideas, read Take Advantage of the Holiday – Make Some Dough, Yo!

Have a show during the Holidays?
If you have a show during the holidays, chances are that you can get a much bigger (or different) turnout compared to your other shows. 

So take advantage of the people who  are in town visiting. These are the people who might only get to see you live once a year.  Hit up your old college roommate, you cousins, friends from highschool or people who used to come to your shows all the time but moved away.   Post on local community calendars especially during this time of year b/c people are statistically out-and-about more often during the holiday season and looking for things to do.

Attachments are of the Devil!
When you’re sending out an email blast, don’t attach mp3 (music), pdf (text), jpg (images) or any other files if you don’t have to.  This is a personal pet peeve of mine and here’s why….

People want the information immediately in front of them and most times will not go the extra step to download an attachment, especially if their internet speed is slow. I rarely ever open any email attachments and some people have email settings that send emails with attachment directly to their Spam Box.

Embed smaller images within the email.  This is super easy and is likely to generate more interest in any particular event when people automatically see what you’re talkingabout.  Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the website where your image is currently located
  • Right click on the image and click copy
  • Go back to the body of your email
  • Right click  withiin the email and click paste
  • The image should appear within the body of your emial.


What are Some Other options for sharing files without attaching?
Links!  Always include links in your emails!  Always provide a location where people can go to get more information.  So lets say you don’t want to embed files within your email.  Here are some alternative options.
  • Photobucket:
    Start an account on Photobucket, Flickr, or any of the million other photo storage sites.  Include a link.  Example:
  • The “jpg” extension at the end of this file lets people know they will seeing an image.  (Photobucket is also great for videos too)
  • Boxstr: 
  • Start an account with Boxstr or any of the other online music storage sites.  Lets, say you’re giving away a free download.  Just send people to this link.  Example:
  • The “mp3” extension at the end of this file lets people know they will be downloading an audio file. (Boxstr is great for pdfs, docs, zip folders, and pretty much any type of file)Boxstr will also tell you how many times people have actually downloaded any given file…and thats a good way to gauge interest.


P.s. the new year is a few weeks away!  If your official website or myspace are stale, why don’t you redesign them?  I mean…why not?


If you have any tips and tricks, please leave them as a comment

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2 Comments on “Tips & Tricks for the Holiday and Any Day”

  1. grassrootsy Says:

    Good point Gerald. I think EPKs are great. I run into alot of people who still like to be send hard copies of my CD, so I just send over a hard copy press kit to them as well.

    I suppose its up to the disgression of the person who’s reviewing your content.

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