New Year, New Ideas

freaky CD cover but drives the point of this blog home in a wierd kind of way.

freaky CD cover but drives the point of this blog home in a wierd kind of way.


The new year is upon us! In the Spirit of change/resolutions/starting over, I propose that all the musicians reading this come up with a visible change in the way they spread their music. Here are a few ideas…

(trying to keep posts shorter so its not too much to read in one sitting)

Book Yourself. Then Book Some More
Have you begun booking for January and February yet.  Having shows on your calendar automatically helps create a demand.  When venues see that you are a busy musician, the are more likely to want to book you…and more likely to respond to your email.  The ratrace of booking never really ends and you always want to stay ahead of the game by having as many shows as possible on your calendar.  Hop on over to the Stay Informed post for some booking methods.

Get Business Cards

Start the year off right by taking on business mindset about your music. Go to every show with the intention of making sure people take your name home with them.  That will happen by default if you have a good show, but don’t forget to mention your website(s) on stage and leave some business cards laying around.  Hop on over to the Drawing Traffic to Your Website post for more ideas on this.

Have a More Presentable Merch Setup
Don’t just tell people you have a CD and then pull it out of your back pocket if someone asks.  Setup a merch table.  One of the first things you should do upon arriving at a venue is look for the most central, highly trafficked spot to place your CDs.  Make sure people see it when they walk in and out.
If you need to go out and buy a small card table, do it.  I’ve been stranded several times…especially when playing at Art Festivals, Farmers Markets, outside gigs. The small table in the back of my car has seriously paid off!   (Don’t forget to have a mailing list form at your table)

Set Goals
Set some goal and then work towards them. Here are a few ideas

  • If you’re currently getting 15 hits on your myspace, decide that you want to have 50 or 75 or 100…etc
  • If you’re currently playing 2 shows a month, set a goal to play 4 or 6 or 10…etc
  • If have a CD, and you haven’t been getting any reviews, resolve to contact a few blogzines each week and solicit for reviews…etc. Read the How to Score Reviews post for more on this.

You’ll never know what’s possible if you don’t try!

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