Random Tips & Tricks #1



Here are some random things that can help you. 


Not everyone likes Myspace
I personally think trying to be on every social networking site is a waste of time, but also am starting to realize that not everybody likes myspace.  They’re crazy!  So try to be on at least 1 or two other networks.  As much as I hate facebook, I love it!  It is much easier to contact a massive group of peole on facebook than on myspace.

So…start a Facebook group for your music.  You’ll probably receive more adds per day than Myspace.  Why?  Facebook simply does a much better job at drawing connections between people.  And once you add a friend, they put that annoying message on your homepage “So&So is now friends with So&So”.  Facebook is excellent at creating connections. There are plenty of people who will never sign up for your newsletter, but once they join your Facebook group, you can send them mass emails. And people definitely check their facebook.

There are of course other spots like …etc.

ReverbNation, Purevolume, Garageband.com

Catch someone’s eye!
Use animated gifs to catch someone’s eye. They’re a great to make someone take a second look.  I reccommend using gif as your default myspace image, or when you’re trying to sell something.  A great tool for making simple things like this is www.gifninja.com.  Don’t know what a gif is? This is a gif:



People are Lazy, do the work for them
Today, someone wanted to buy a CD but was too lazy to go to my website.  Instead, they gave me their credit card number and asked me to put their information into Paypal for them!  At first I was a little annoyed and almost wrote her back asking her to do it herself. But on second thought i did the process for her, knowing that I would ultimately be making money.

  • So if someone says they want to visit your myspace… don’t just tell them your address. Give them a business card, or write it down so they actually follow through.
  • If someone genuinely wants to buy a CD from you…send them an email with a link to your music page.
  • If someone wants to go to one of your upcoming shows and shoots you an email asking when it starts even though all they have to do is visit your website *sigh*…write back and give them the address, time, cover charge…etc


Feel free to suggest other random tips.

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