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This is a continuation of last week’s pst: Drawing traffic to your Myspace.  Today I’m focusing on drawing traffic to your official website. Tips from this blog can be applied to your myspace page and vise-versa.  Especially the thing about business cards.

The basic rule of thumb as previously mentioned is updating your website as often as you want people to visit.  If you only want visitors stopping by once a month, then there’s no point of adding new things every week/day.

So here are some fresh tips.

Make it simple and/or interesting
If people know they can find what they’re looking for easily, they’ll be more likely to visit.  If its cluttered and they cant read the text because it nearly matches with the background of your site, they probably won’t be back often.  Also if you want to make your site extra simple and just have a few things, feel free to direct people to your myspace for all the other facts.  My website only gets about 10% of hits as my myspace so I update my myspace more regularly and direct people to it when I’m too lazy to update both.

You can also take the Brad Yoder approach.  In Pittsburgh, Brad is known as an awesome storyteller and lyricist. His website effectively reflects this.  Its got a feel that reminds you of Saturday morning cartoons and your favorite bedtime story… i.e. teddybear-like creatures playing guitars! Awesome!


 Every email provider has the option of putting a signature at the bottom of your outgoing messages! Use it!  Include your myspace, your official site, and maybe a quote or something reflective of who you are or what you’re currently up to.  Example:
Take Advantage of Email Signatures

just don’t stalk me. ok?

Statcounter is the single most effective tool I’ve come across in the past six months.  It’s a free, invisible web-tracking resource created by Google.  It will keep track of how many people are visiting your site each day, how many are returning visitors, what pages on your site they traffic the most, how many seconds/minutes/hours they stick around.  It’s amazing, and I use it every day! To learn more, visit www.statcounter.com.  Why is it important?

Visit Lengths…will let you know how much time people are spending on your site. If the majority of visitors are spending less than 5 seconds…then figure out why?  Why?  Have you updated your site lately?piechart

    Visit Length  
drill down 36 Less than 5 secs
drill down 15 From 5 secs to 30 secs
drill down 19 From 30 secs to 5 mins
drill down 15 From 5 mins to 20 mins
drill down 3 From 20 mins to an hour
drill down 15 Longer than an hour



Popular Pages
…tells me which sites people visit the most. According to this, my homepage, music page, shows, and thoughts (i.e. blog) get the most traffic. This tells me that I need to be on the ball about updating these pages


drill down 79 www.joyike.com/
drill down 79 www.joyike.com/home.html
drill down 39 www.joyike.com/music.html
drill down 35 www.joyike.com/shows.html
drill down 25 joyike.com/
drill down 21 joyike.com/thoughts.html
drill down 20 www.joyike.com/pics.html
drill down 20 www.joyike.com/joy.html
drill down 19 joyike.com/home.html
drill down 15 www.joyike.com/thoughts.html
drill down 14 www.joyike.com/guestbook/index.php
drill down 12 www.joyike.com/contact.html
drill down 10 joyike.com/home
drill down 10 www.joyike.com/index.html
drill down 9 joyike.com/shows.html
drill down 8 www.joyike.com/home
drill down 8 www.joyike.com/press.html
drill down 8 www.joyike.com/guestbook/
drill down 6 www.joyike.com/links.html
drill down 6

These are just a few examples.  Visit www.statcounter.com for more details

Connect the Dots
Lastly, connect the dots!  Always make sure your myspace is referring people to your website is referring people to your myspace is referring people to your website.  If someone has just added you as a friend of myspace, tell them they can also hit you up on www.youtube.com/YOURSITE or some other place.  


Hope this helped.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any traffic tips for readers.

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One Comment on “Drawing Traffic to your Website(s) – Official Site”

  1. Jeru Says:

    What’s your arg for not using google analytics? It appears both are free.

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